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There are numerous styles of writing a term paper. A notable style is the MLA framework. This framework is used extensively across universities in all parts of the globe. There are numerous assignments that must be based on the MLA framework. For instance, literature assignments must be drafted using this style. When a student uses another framework, he is penalized by the professor. There are numerous guidelines associated with the MLA framework of writing a term paper. Firstly, it is immensely crucial to provide a list of all sources. Within this list, the full names of the author should be indicated. In such assignments, the scholar must start with the surname followed by other aspects of formal identification.Within the list of sources, another crucial element is the full title of the source. Some sources are publications while others are websites. Regardless of the type of source, it is essential to underscore the title. This helps in ensuring that the assignment meets the criterion of the MLA framework. The publication date must also be integrated within the list of sources. In some assignments, the professor requires sources from certain dates. This is an essential stipulation for consideration in writing a term paper.


In addition to the MLA framework, another platform for writing a term paper involves the APA style. This is a conventional standard used widely across the world. In the process of writing a term paper, most documents integrate this framework. There are various attributes that are strongly associated with the APA platform. When writing a term paper using this platform, it is essential to include a title page. This is among the most notable differences between the MLA framework and writing a term paper using the APA platform.The title page must be highly professional. Some of the pertinent elements of the title page are the students names, university, and date among others. Apart from the title page, another component of the APA framework is the running head. When writing a term paper in this style, the running head must be integrated. This component must be incorporated in the entire document while writing a term paper. In essence, the running head denotes the main topic within the framework of writing a term paper.

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